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Character E-shrines (in progress)

There are so many charaters that mean so much to me. SO many. Some I'm in love with. Others, I feel a strong kinship with. Cherishing fictional characters keeps me sane (more or less) and it's sometimes like giving myself rolemodels, someone to look up to or aspire to be like (or not be like! anti-rolemodel lmao). Sometimes tho it's just b/c I want to kiss them to death and make sure they never hurt :) the idea is that eventually, the pngs will have links that take you to a web page i designed myself for each character; thus, e-shrine collection! I'm just leaning html tho and uh. I'm not great with it so far lol. I've confused myself to no end already.

Eventually, if learning this skill pans out for me, I will make more pages for more characters and eventually start building more serious shrines to actual deities I cherish and look to for life philosophy :)